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Not all coconut water is created equal—in fact, Harmless Harvest was (and maybe still is) the only widespread distributor of organic, fair trade, raw coconut water that actually tastes like it's straight from the coconut, because it is.  Unfortunately, a lot of coconut water these days is just flavored water. Raw coconut water contains a host of nutrients and antioxidants, which interact with certain elements to create a pink color (this can be offset by adding citric acid), which tends to vary in shade between bottles. Maybe you've seen this product on the store shelves, but if you haven't, check them out online.

At an average of $5 for a 16oz bottle of this stuff, it better at least look nice. The quality may deserve the price tag, but the existing/current packaging doesn't reflect this with a very mom-and-pop design and very flimsy, awkwardly deformed plastic. As a design student and a huge fan of Harmless Harvest, I took it upon myself to bring out the best in of this product in giving it a makeover—exploring both casual and upscale designs. 

HHPINK2 copy.png
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