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2020 – present


Conceived during the months of 2020's COVID wave, Rainbow Fish was born as an experiment in building a business with a certain set of morals in mind including quantity vs. quality, self and environmental awareness, methods of profit redistribution, and a push away from the typical consumerist agenda. Rainbow fish features ongoing and dynamically-themed seasons that evaluate the human condition, encourage the audience to put certain aspects of society in perspective and question their own motives. Each season is tied to an oceanic metaphor, much like the children's book, Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister, and donates a portion of profits to a chosen organization or cause. All inventory is entirely sustainably sourced through different methods, curated, and altered or restored according to the theme. Some seasons to look forward to are, "Schooling", "Click Bait", and "¿tu 'ta cloro?".


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This has been an experiment in getting to know all aspects of business creation and management both functionally and creatively. I am responsible for all assets of Rainbow Fish LLC.  

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