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Pressing Matters 


As part of KCPR, our staff members had the opportunity to attend many festivals, concerts and events with a press pass and assigned with the pleasurable task of reporting on their experience to be featured on our website. I teamed up with a good friend to cover a series of festivals including Lighting in a Bottle, Symbiosis, and Tropicalia to name a few; she took the photos, I wrote the content. Visit the KCPR Articles section for links to a couple of these reports. 

One particular festival, Shambhalaan electronic music festival held at the Salmo River Ranch, a 500-acre farm, in the West Kootenay mountains near Nelson, British Columbia, Canada—offers a wide variety of music and art woven between thick forest and following the Salmo River. The festival features 8 main stages, which are left up to the attendee to find for themselves as maps are not provided. Here is an attempt at creating a very ambiguous map to serve as a rough guide, with an emphasis on the details in each stage venue rather than the whereabouts. 

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