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Stick to the Beat


San Luis Obispo is full of extremely talented musicians. Better yet is when they decide to merge into unique combinations to form side projects, street performances, or bands. Sol Nectar and Guilty Measures bands are just a couple of many excellent examples of this.


Sol Nectar, a group of four artists and close friends, performing smooth neo-soul covers and original jams often for a friendly, retro-clad crowd ready to groove under twinkling lights. 

Guilty Measures, featuring a common drummer as Sol Nectar, is a group of five artists boasting quirky, upbeat yet sultry R&B, jazz and pop—often at local festivals and downtown bars.

Below are two graphics turned stickers that I created for each of these sister bands featuring hand-drawn logotypes. 


guilty measures-14.png
sol nectar sticker-03.png
guilty measures sticker-05.png
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